Sandstone Tiles & Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone is a stunning material, A hard wearing, chlorine and salt resistant rhyodacite (volcanic) stone which is perfect for use outdoors as pool tiles (himalayan), paving, and as pool copings. A durable product which is also great for commercial projects with heavy traffic requirements. Herewith some of the sandstone product:

  • Golden Mint Sandstone
  • Ivory Sandstone
  • Teakwood Sandstone
  • Himalayan Sandstone
  • Sandstone Crazy Paving Flagstone


Finishing Size (mm) Format
Sawn Cut & Honed 300x300x20, 300x600x20, 400x600x20, 600x600x20, 600x900x20300x300x40, 300x600x40, 400x600x40, 600x600x40, 600x900x40 100x100x10, 100x200x10, 100x300x10, 200x400x10 TilesPavers Pool Tiles
Bush Hammered & Etched 300x300x20, 300x600x20, 400x600x20, 600x600x20300x300x40, 300x600x40, 400x600x40, 600x600x40 TilesPavers
Split Face 100x100x30, 100x200x30, 150x150x30, 200x200x30, 200×400 Cut to Size


  • Fine grains enabling a smooth, clean surface finish
  • Creamy white base colour
  • Limited base colour variation
  • Yellow, ginger, brown bands of colour in Blonde material
  • Uniform creamy white in White material
  • Lower moisture absorption than coarse grained sandstone*
  • Relatively high stone density*
  • Good compressive strength*
  • Good modulus of rupture*
  • Good abrasion resistance*
  • Limited peeling/sheeting of surface*

  Indian Sandstone Tiles ,Pavers and Crazy Paving Sandstone has been used in architecture for a long time ago. This natural type of stone is easy to work with and has strong reliability. It also comes in various colors with the popular selections including brown, yellow, red, grey, white and tan. People usually use sandstone to make various household and construction products. It is quite common to see home decoration enhanced with the exceptional beauty delivered by the natural stones. Take for example what you can find on India Sandstone Tiles. Homeowners get more interested to use products made from nature to create the eco friendly residential environment. Though it is uneasy to find similar stones, there is one thing in common about the sandstones, i.e. The quartzite content. If you have time to list the options, you will find thousands of natural stone quarries in the world. They also have different characteristics which make each stone much unique from one to another. The common product of this stone is tiles, traditionally used on floors and walls. The variety of size and thickness available also offers the exceptional beauty to enhance the room decoration. You have wide flexibility to choose the preferred style among of the India Sandstone Tiles.

    • Golden Mint Sandstone
    • Ivory Sandstone
    • Teakwood Sandstone
    • Himalayan Sandstone

Shopping for tiles made from natural stone can be a big confusing. It is an overwhelming start to work on the home improvement project. Whether you want to have new floor or create beautiful paving, you have a wide range of choices among of color, pattern and texture. If you want to buy Indian Sandstone Tiles, you will find different styles. It is much simple to shop the tiles online. You can visit the trusted online suppliers and get the up-to-date catalogue to see the options. Feel free to choose the preferred color schemes and designs to express your personal taste of home decoration style. As it contains of quartzite, the sandstones have high resistance towards wear and tear. It gives the best reason to people who demand for durability and suitability to various construction projects. India Sandstone Tiles also gets more popular to be installed on high traffic areas with harsh weather conditions like entrance, pool decks and stair treads. The options of finishing, i.e. hones, polished, sandblasted and flamed, give you flexible decision whether you use the tiles for interior or exterior purpose. Importantly, the maintenance is quite easy. Its smooth surface does not allow the dust to accumulate, giving you the benefit of hassle free cleaning work. Golden and HImalayan Sandstones are quartz based, small-grained, well bonded sandstone with a prevalence of calcite material giving it a creamy white appearance. SANDSTONE PAVERS HONED SANDSTONE PAVERS TEAKWOOD Sandstone Pavers natural split